Other Responses


Payment Systems Regulator - Confirmation of Payment [PDF ]
Welsh Assembly - Access to Banking: Establishing a community bank in Wales [PDF ]
Law Commission - Anti-Money Laundering: The SARs Regime  [PDF ]
Ministry of Justice: Consultation on County Court Judgements (England and Wales) - Feb 2018  [PDF ]
London Assembly Economy Committee - Financial Inclusion  [PDF ]
Insolvency Practitioners Association - Insolvency Code of Ethics [PDF ]
Implementation of PSD ll  [PDF ]
FRC - Triennial review of UK & Ireland Accounting Standards  [PDF ]
BEIS - 2016 Post Office Network Consultation  [PDF ]
Deposit Protection Limit increase to £85,000  [PDF ]
Bank of England - Real-time Gross Settlement Review  [PDF ]
House of Lords Financial Exclusion Select Committee - Call for Evidence  [PDF ]
Payment Systems Regulator - Indirect Access Market Review - Interim Report   [PDF ]
Department of Business, Innovation and Skills - Terms and Conditions and Consumer Protection Fining Powers  [PDF ]
Payment Systems Regulator - PSR Consultation [PDF ]
London Assembly Economy Committee: Investigation into Personal Problem Debt   [PDF ]
Bank of England - Should the availability of UK data be improved?  [PDF ]
HMRC - Direct Recovery of Debts  [PDF ]
Bank of England - Securitisation Discussion Paper  [PDF ]
Consumer and Markets Authority Payday Lending Market Investigation [PDF ]
Welsh Government - Welsh Cooperatives & Mutuals Commission [PDF ]
Department for Education - Reforming the National Curriculum in England  [PDF ]
HMRC - FACTA Implementation Regulations  [PDF ]
HMRC - Implementing the UK-US FACTA Agreement [PDF ]
Ministry of Justice - Claims Management Regulation - Proposals for Amendments to the Conduct of Authorised Persons Rule  [PDF ]
OFT - Payday Lender Compliance Review  [PDF ]
Accounting Standards Board -  The Future of Financial Reporting, Revised and Exposure Drafts   [PDF ]
Welsh Government - Options to Replace Elements of the Social Fund   [PDF ]
Insolvency Service - Bank Accounts for Bankrupts   [PDF ]
Insolvency Service - Reform of the Process to Apply for Bankruptcy and Compulsory Winding up   [PDF ]
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BIS - Building a Mutual Post Office  [PDF ]
House of Commons BIS Committee - Debt Management Inquiry  [PDF ]
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Pre-Legislative Scrutiny Committee - Financial Services Bill [PDF ]
Government Equalities Office - Banning Age Discrimination  [PDF ]
DWP: Local Support to Replace Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans for Living Expenses   [PDF ]
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Electronic Communications in the Mutual Sector    [PDF ]
Supporting a Stronger Civil Society    [PDF ]
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OFT - High-Cost Credit Review  [PDF ]
Accounting Standards Board - The Future of UK GAAP  [PDF ]
Work and Pensions Committee - Local Housing Allowance    [PDF ]
OFT - Barrier to Entry, Expansion and Exit from Retail Banking   [PDF )