CU Futures continue training in London

By Patrick Thorpe posted 20-09-2019 16:58:08


This week, the CU Futures Class of 2020 continued their progression through the programme with a two-day event hosted by Lloyds Banking Group in London.

ABCUL’s Head of Member Services, Rosanna Donovan travelled with the group and said: “I’m very proud of this year’s class in the progress they’ve made so far. Every year the CU Futures programme is filled with enthusiasm and it is no different in the class of 2020.”

Over the two days, the team undertook Presentation and Media Skills training, led by former Chair of the Credit Union Foundation and respected journalist Liz Barclay and completed the final day of their High Performance Culture development with Andy Massey from The Pacific Institute.

“Liz’s expertise are invaluable to share with the CU Futures and we are delighted that she generously gives her time and continues to support the Programme,” says Rosanna.

A key element of the CU Futures Programme is the development in teams of proposals to meet sector challenges.  This year the groups will be using the ABCUL Town Hall Consultation as the inspiration for their projects and so each will address one of its four themes: sustainability, relevance, purpose or collaboration.

 These are presented to a panel of experts in March each year at ABCUL’s Annual Conference and the group with the best proposal receives a prize. Therefore this was a key opportunity for them to gather in their groups and work on their proposals.

Rosanna added: “Over the last few months, alongside my colleagues at ABCUL, we have presented our Town Hall Consultation across Britain addressed big questions facing us as a movement.

“It’s been brilliant to hear such fresh engaging ideas from this year’s CU Futures group about how they want to tackle the credit union sector’s main challenges. The group is making fantastic progress and working hard towards their graduation in March.”