ABCUL Board Profile - Paul Norgrove

Paul Norgrove - Vice President and Director for the West Midlands

Why did you first get involved in credit unions?

Early in my career, I worked in the not-for-profit sector. I’ve always believed in the business model and serving communities. A friend of mine sent me an advert for a finance role at Police Credit Union; having not heard of a ‘credit union’ before, I did my research, submitted my application, and then spent the interview inadvertently interviewing the credit union. I had an immediate fascination with the co-operative principles of people helping people and the rest is history!

Why did you choose to stand for election to the ABCUL Board?

I want to help shape the future of the sector.  I believe I can offer real value to the association and the membership.

As many of you know, I made it no secret of my desire to join the Board. After words of encouragement, I submitted my nomination form, unfortunately first-time round, I was unsuccessful. The timing was not right! Undeterred, I continued to seek an opportunity and was co-opted the following year before being elected in March 2020.

What have you gained from being a member of the ABCUL Board?

Through my work on the ABCUL board, I have gained a greater sense of the challenges and opportunities facing the sector. This provides a fresh appreciation for how much value and support is provided by ABCUL to the member credit unions regardless of their shape or size. I am also very thankful to work amongst industry leaders, hear new perspectives and provide my voice and vision.

What have you been able to contribute to the ABCUL Board?

I bring what I hope are fresh forward-thinking ideas. As someone who does not settle for the status quo, I took the decision to get involved with the Democracy Working Group and more recently the ABCUL Inclusivity Group very seriously. I am working in the pursuit of positive change.

What advice would you give to people considering standing for the ABCUL Board?

Do your research. Ensure your commitment. Understand the role of the Board at the association.

The sector needs a diverse (in skills, perspective and background), committed, and thoughtful board members.  If that sounds like you…. Join us. Get involved.