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Pizza-Inspired Tracking for Loan Applications is Now Live at London Mutual Credit Union

London Mutual Credit Union (LMCU) have introduced its newest feature to enhance digital services.

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Tuesday 23 January 2024

London Mutual Credit Union (LMCU) have introduced its newest feature to enhance digital services.

Following feedback from members, that they’d like more up-to-date information about the status of their loan application, LMCU has introduced its real-time loan tracker service. Members are able to know when their loan is likely to be ready, what stage it is at, and prevents delays by letting them aware if LMCU is waiting for information or documents.

“Whether a loan is to replace the car or to book a holiday, it’s good to have some idea of when you’ll be able to use the money you are hoping to borrow,” says Head of Business Development at LMCU, Ben West.  “It can also be reassuring to know that everything is progressing smoothly, what to expect next and to know that we’re not waiting on you for anything which could cause delays.

“Over lock-down, many of us became used to nifty tools such as ‘Dom’, the Dominos Pizza Tracker, or similar order tracking features on our favourite apps. It’s hard not to get a tinge of excitement seeing the status change to ‘out for delivery’, or watching your order wind its way around the neighbourhood towards your front door.

“So, several months ago, our team set to work on a similar tool to remove the stress of waiting for your loan to be processed.”

The Tracker updates in real-time as the application moves through the system.  “It’s just one of the ways we’re working to listen to our members and to make banking with us hassle-free,” says Ben.

Earlier in the year, LMCU were shortlisted for this this year’s Financial Services Forum Awards for Innovation. Ben added: “We are proud that over the past year, our team have been able to rapidly innovate new products and services to support our members through the pandemic, including the most financially vulnerable.”

For full details of its new loan application tracker, visit the LMCU site here.

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