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Halton Credit Union goes from strength-to-strength in year of expansion

Halton Credit Union (HCU) has positive reasons to reflect on what has been a great year of development.

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Tuesday 16 January 2024

Halton Credit Union (HCU) has positive reasons to reflect on what has been a great year of development.

HCU’s plan is to increase organisational stability through the development of a robust business model that can ensure its ambitious plans for growth alongside  its response to social and economic exclusion in the community.

In its Annual Report, Chair of Halton Credit Union, Steve Howarth reiterates to members that the credit union is in excellent financial health. In the financial year, assets have increased by 8.33% and also have been able to lend more than £3.4 million; this is 6731 loans and each loan represents someone HCU have been able to help.

HCU has been able to demonstrate its financial health by being able to offer a dividend to members with savings. “We need to attract, and reward, savers so that we can continue to offer loans to all our members who qualify and want one,” Steve added.

The financial strength of HCU has allowed an expansion and to further cement its place in the local community. Over the summer the credit union opened a new branch in Widnes Town Centre. HCU were delighted that Right Honourable Councillor Margaret Horabin, the Lady Mayor of Halton, officially opened the office and were joined by Derek Twigg MP who took the opportunity to open an account with HCU.

Steve Howarth continued: “All this success is a direct result of the hard work and commitment of everyone in the credit union Staff, Volunteers, Officers and Directors. We never forget that the credit union is there for the benefit of our members, whether savers or borrowers. I am delighted that the new office has enabled us to bring in new team members. We are looking to strengthen the team in head office and your board of directors continues to look for new skills and expertise.”

“Finally, whilst I have talked about the hard work and success over the last year, I don’t want to forget those who have left us. Most notably and sadly we said goodbye to Avril Green who died recently. Avril had worked as a volunteer for over 20 years and will be missed by all.”

Chief Executive, Christine Heesom added: “As a financial co-operative we aim to continue to meet members’ needs and ‘being there’ for them is part of the difference and inherent value we, as a  credit union provide.”

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