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Drumchapel Credit Union celebrate its 50th anniversary

This year, Drumchapel Credit Union is celebrating the significant milestone of 50 years of service.

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Tuesday 16 January 2024

This year, Drumchapel Credit Union is celebrating the significant milestone of 50 years of service.

The credit union has over  3000 members was formed in 1970 and is known as the first credit union in Scotland. It inspired many others throughout not only Glasgow, but the whole of Scotland to set up credit unions within their communities.

Unfortunately for the credit union and its members, celebrations have come to a halt due to the restrictions of Covid-19, Drumchapel were planning on local community events inviting local businesses, community projects and councillors to hear and share stories of the credit union from the last 50 years.

However, at the ABCUL Annual Conference 2020, representatives from Drumchapel Credit Union were awarded special recognition by ABCUL President, Karen Bennett. Speaking to delegates at the conference, Karen said: “50 years of service to members is an incredible achievement, and not an accomplishment that many of us in this room can say we have done, but is something we all aspire to.

“The enthusiasm and dedication of these lovely people is still evident after 50 years of service to their credit union community. In our headlong quest for growth and wanting bigger and larger credit unions we must never ever forget were we have come from and why we are here.”

Commenting on the credit union’s special year, General Manager of Drumchapel, Patricia Butler said: “We’re delighted to reach this special milestone of 50 years serving our community. Our plans to celebrate this special year have unfortunately been delayed due to the global pandemic; however the support our credit union has provided members in the past few months typifies what we have achieved since we were first established.

“We hope to celebrate further down the line, but for now we can reflect with pride what’s been a lifetime of work, of people helping people. I’d like to thank staff, board members and volunteers of past and present who have made our credit union what it is today.”


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