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Celebrating the Credit Union Futures Programme

Last month at the ABCUL Annual Conference 2024, nine credit union young professionals graduated from the eighth year of the CU Futures Programme.

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Friday 12 April 2024

Last month at the ABCUL Annual Conference 2024, nine credit union young professionals graduated from the eighth year of the CU Futures Programme.

Since May 2023, the group undertook a range of activities focused on personal development and expanding their exposure to the wider credit union sector whilst supporting them to think strategically about the future of credit unions in Britain. The course included learning about and writing reports on areas such as finance, governance, other credit unions’ operations and networking.

Additionally, the individuals were split into groups and tasked to create and present a project proposal outlining a new product or service which would address the challenges and opportunities faced by credit unions in the sector. The groups presented their ideas to a judging panel and a winning group was selected, which in past years has been rewarded with an international credit union trip. This year’s winners were Irene Mari, Serve and Protect CU and Natasha Cadman, Central Credit Union.

“The CU Futures course taught me so much about my credit union and its place within this great sector” said Irene, “Natasha and I put in so much effort and time with our group project and it felt amazing to win the project prize on stage at the ABCUL Conference”.

Natasha added: “I couldn’t quite believe it when they read our names out as the winners – I was so shocked but I am so pleased that our hard work paid off and we got to celebrate with our credit unions and the rest of the CU Futures cohort”

Following the celebrations of the CU Futures, attendees were invited to make donations to the Credit Union Foundation which funds initiatives like these. The generosity of delegates meant that a total of £14,000 was raised for the Foundation, a record-breaking amount.

CU Futures is now in its eighth year of operation and has overseen 83 individual graduates from 43 different credit unions across England, Scotland and Wales since 2016. The ninth year of the programme has just been launched on the brand-new Credit Union Foundation website and staff, volunteers and Directors of ABCUL Credit Unions aged 35 and under are encouraged to apply for the programme.

Project Manager at ABCUL and leading next year’s course, Jake Hatch said: “For the coming year we have added to the existing offering including a trip to Ireland to observe the credit union system there, expert marketing training and much more. We are so excited to review the applications and are looking forward to launching the new cohort in May”.

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