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ABCUL Publishes Impact Report With Exceptional Member Feedback

The Association of British Credit Unions has published an impact report to highlight how ABCUL has been committed to its core mission of serving members to the best of its ability so that the trade body can grow and develop as strong as ever.

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Friday 3 November 2023

The report highlights key areas in which the Association has delivered value for its members.

“Throughout its long history of supporting members, ABCUL has proudly been the leading trade body for credit unions in Great Britain,” says ABCUL CEO, Robert Kelly. “ABCUL’s primary purpose and function is providing member credit unions with the tools, skills, and powers to succeed and deliver on their co-operative values, regardless of size or business model.”

ABCUL’s annual survey showed that 89% of the Association’s credit unions believe that their membership delivers good value for money.

Members felt supported by the Association’s advice, training and information services and 89% of members feel enabled to comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, 89% also feel prepared for future changes to legislation, regulation, and the wider financial services market. Similarly high percentages of the membership felt ABCUL enabled them to plan and operate a successful and sustainable financial cooperative and importantly 89% of members agree that ABCUL provides services that their credit union wants and needs.

Crucially, credit union legislative reform has passed this year – a change which ABCUL tirelessly lobbied for on behalf of members’ needs. Survey results found that 80% of members reported high satisfaction with ABCUL’s lobbying government for enabling legislation.

The promotion of inclusivity within ABCUL and the wider credit union sector has continued to thrive within the last year. At the 2023 March conference, the British chapter of the Global Women’s Leadership Network (GWLN) was re-launched with the help of the Program Director of the GWLN and led by an experienced panel of women who lead within the credit union sector. Furthermore, the Association has continued to support the success of young people in the sector as the Young Professionals Network flourished over the past year and the group hosted multiple well-attended virtual and in-person events.

 Entering into its third year, the ABCUL Inclusivity Group has also continued to prosper through its recommendations to ensure that the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is reflected in the development, recruitment, and activities of the ABCUL Board.

Robert added: “ABCUL has delivered on a range of different strategic objectives in the last number of months, which are highlighted in this impact report. We would like to thank ABCUL member credit unions, the wider sector and stakeholders for their continued support and commitment, as the Association strives for excellence across the credit union movement. With co-operation and collaboration in mind we will continue to do everything to support our members”.

View the full report here.

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