ABCUL Board Profile - Director for Wales

Christina Stoneman - Directors for Wales (Joined ABCUL Board in 2018)


Christina Stoneman is General Manager of Dragonsavers Credit Union, a post she has held since 2003 when five credit unions in the county borough merged. 

She has previously held roles with the West Wales ECO Centre, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, has Post Graduate Certificate in Education and has trained volunteers for Glastonbury Festival, which she still volunteers for.  

Why did you first get involved in credit unions? 
I was looking for a change in career and was in the fortunate position to have been offered two very different posts.


Why did you choose to stand for election to the ABCUL Board?
On a personal level, the time felt right - my children were both in secondary school and getting more independent.  On a professional level, I have been a regular attendee at Forum where I am also the training officer.  I am a graduate of both the Asia and Europe Credit Union Development Educator Programmes and it was after completing the latter I felt personally prompted me to put myself forward to be considered for the ABCUL Board.  In part I think this was due to the skills and experience that I would bring to the position, but also felt that there was an air of change within the Association.

What have you gained from being a member of the ABCUL Board?
I have been a member of the ABCUL board for a relatively short time.  I already feel it has given me confidence and experience I can bring back to my own role and in supporting member credit unions locally.

What have you been able to contribute to the ABCUL Board?
I have a strong work ethic and I actively encourage the development of those around me, these are qualities that I hope will be reflected in my time on the ABCUL board.  I hope also that others will feel encouraged to stand for the Board in future

What advice would you give to people considering standing for the ABCUL Board?
Talk to current and past board members about their experience.  Expect there to be challenges but know that there is a wealth of expertise and knowledge on the Board and this can be drawn on both while you’re Director and afterwards as a really strong and positive network.