ABCUL Board Profile - Director for the North West

James Clancy - Director for the North West (Joined ABCUL Board in 2018)


James Clancy has held a variety of roles with the Metro Moneywise Credit Union since joining a discussion group of council employees in 1988; he is currently on the supervisory committee. 

He has also been a Cub and Scout and youth club leader, helped on a soup run and with furniture delivery to people being given a home, taught woodwork to people with learning difficulties, taught easy music for healing. 

He ran a council joiners shop for 28 years and since 2012 he has been pulling together ‘CU History tales’ with the British Credit Union Historical Society. 

Why did you first get involved in credit unions?
I had a previous interest in helping various community start-ups knowing it can make a difference and endeavoured to start a training co-op for long term unemployed after 4 years in community programme. 

Why did you choose to stand for election to the ABCUL Board? 
Well no one else would and I thought it was important to have representation for the NW Forum till someone else was available. I was not sure if I was competent enough for such an exalted position?

What have you gained from being a member of the ABCUL Board?
A strong belief in the purpose of trade associations coming together. A respect that there are various points of view and ways to solutions and there is a variation of views which is healthy. The need to understand the need for directors and members and the roll of staff in why they may be the preferred delivers of projects, presentations and board directions.

What have you been able to contribute to the ABCUL Board?
That I think is for others to determine. I’d like to think an overall consistent view of the whole movement with my exploration of the history of the four nations coming together. My hope and aspirations for the youth of the movement listening and learning what they need.

What advice would you give to people considering standing for the ABCUL Board?
The credit union movement is changing more and more employees are part of the movement with their own Ideas aspirations and understandings of where the movement needs to go. Not what we old codgers who nurtured it forward to now.

The town hall discussions up and down the country are at the right time for all concerned and will bring about positive innovations to the movement moving beyond 2025. But one must realise that the movement in the UK is unique to the UK and whilst innovation from other parts of the world may be helpful, they need to be UK developed and owned. Not forgetting small can be sustainable as much as the mighty. 

As a future director you should, after a comprehensive Induction and a review of previous minutes, remember it is good to listen and if one has a point of view then make it as you will be with likeminded people. Canvasing with other directors on your thoughts and understanding of the associations. Enjoy the debates and learn by taking part, always remember what has been done in the past can help to move forward.