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    We recently received communication for the above IVA portal documentation provider, stating that some IVA proposals where not sent to us due to a portal issue.

    Credit control have since received an email stating 11 files are awaiting to download. Majority of these when looked into, are IVA’s that meetings have been held and the proposal accepted. This has caused an internal nightmare, due to some of these being approved in January, and having to reverse all payments received since then.

    We will be challenging this, due to us not getting the right to vote, however if we are below 25% we probably wont have any luck.

    My credit controller contacted the portal initially due to a member ringing stating that their IVA had been approved and we had not receive notification.

    Be aware you may have many approvals sat there without realising.

    Samantha Owen Finance Manager Unify Credit Union LTD Email :

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