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Consumer Duty eXpresso 2 July 12noon – 1872 Culture

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    Join us to hear about the award winning initiative that ABCUL and Culture 1872 (Performance Metrics) has available for ABCUL member credit unions.

    The initiative was awarded the Consumer Duty Use of Technology Award at the Consumer Duty Leadership awards help on the 26th June 2024.

    With less than 2 months to go before the Consumer Duty Champion must report to the board that their Credit Union is compliant with the Consumer Duty and that they have the evidence to back it up. A number of our Credit Unions have produced the evidence at this point. As you know ABCUL have teamed up with 1872 Culture to provide a platform for each Credit Union to help evidence that the credit union is delivering good member outcomes. There is still time to get this in place by the 31 July 2024 deadline. Join us on 2nd July 2024 at noon to hear what can be done.

    Register for the eXpresso session by clicking the link:

    If you would like to get
    going in advance, please go to
    and register your interest.

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