Savings and Membership at an All-Time High for Salford Credit Union

By Patrick Thorpe posted 04-06-2021 13:59:09


In a year of difficult challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, Salford Credit Union have achieved milestones of surpassing 4,000 members and is holds savings are at an all-time high with over £2.9m savings.

Serving local people for over 30 years, Salford CU ensured the pandemic did not affect its valued community service, making sure members each week receive their benefits and wages, receiving and paying out savings and processing and paying out loans.

“During this year Salford Credit Union has focussed on being here to help our members get through these difficult times and to make sure there is still a credit union to provide services for the future”, said Chair of Salford Credit Union, Cllr Jim King.

From April 2020 onwards the amount of savings Salford CU was looking after has steadily grown, to over £2.8m by September. Jim added: “Many members have thanked us for encouraging them to save— this year has been the year they have needed to call on their savings to help them and their families.

“Thank You to my fellow Directors, all the other volunteers and the staff team – past and present- but most importantly to YOU our members- we are here to make your credit union as successful as possible.”