ABCUL launches its ‘Vision 2025’

By Patrick Thorpe posted 20-03-2020 18:22:30


At last weekend’s ABCUL annual conference, CEO of ABCUL, Robert Kelly officially launched a shared vision of the credit union sector for the next five years.

This special session launched the outcome of ABCUL’s consultation, with a new vision and strategy document which forms the basis for the sector and ABCUL’s shared future and its lobbying priorities and service development agenda to support this.

Robert told ABCUL delegates: “To move forward with confidence we needed a solid, evidence-based foundation … an intelligence-based view on the direction of travel and the priorities for action. That is exactly why ABCUL led the way with its sector-wide 2019 consultation, and it’s exactly what our collective processes delivered.”

In the last 12 months, ABCUL met with representatives from credit unions across the country – ABCUL members and non-members alike, hosting events in Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Taunton and York. Also, engaging with stakeholder groups across the political and social spectrum. The consultation was structured around four key themes – Sustainability; Relevance; Collaboration; and Purpose.

ABCUL Chief Executive Robert Kelly addressed the conference saying “The intelligence ABCUL gathered is rich in value and the analysis is conclusive in the need for action and for that action to begin this year - and continue at a pace to win the support of regulators and governments in order for the British credit union movement to realise an ambitious 2025 Vision.”

Robert added: “I believe this document sets out the key consultation findings and the proposed road we need to travel to achieve the 2025 Vision.”

You can read ABCUL’s ‘Vision 2025’ document here.