Bradford District Credit Union works with local organisations work together improve community

By Patrick Thorpe posted 07-02-2020 17:17:02



Bradford District Credit Union is going hi-tech with its new innovative training event on ‘Safer Internet Day’, under the banner of the Anti- Poverty Events Group.

In partnership with Big Local - professionals and others who work with vulnerable people will be shown how to help clients keep safe online, and recognise fake news and scams. There will be workshops on cybersecurity, Health and the Internet, Digital Finance and online gambling, which will give people a chance to share information and network.

Big Local coordinator, Shaun O’Hare said the event on Thursday, February 13 is being organised on the back of “really successful” joint projects held for Keighley residents last year by BDCU and the Anti-Poverty Group. Families who attended the events registered as members of BDCU and beginning savings plans, which aim to help residents across Bradford District, keep out of the clutches of loan sharks.

“The work we did with Bradford District Credit Union exceeded almost all of the targets set. The achievements were recognised, and both the Credit Union and Big Local have been asked to share experiences at national conferences. We hope to coordinate more partnership work to help tackle some of the issues we’re whereas in Keighley.”

Financial Inclusion Officer at Bradford District Credit Union, Ian Brewer said: “I’m delighted to be part of a movement where local organisations collaborate and strive to improve the community we serve. We’ve managed to provide important financial advice and someone to talk to, at a time when most people wouldn’t.”

Source – Keighley News