Buy Nowt festival in Bradford returns for its third year

By Patrick Thorpe posted 29-11-2019 17:05:43


Bradford residents are invited to discover how much fun they can have without spending a penny. ‘Buy Nowt’ is returning for its third year as it puts a Yorkshire twist on the international Buy Nothing Day which campaigns against poverty caused by consumer debt and excess.

Through creative activities, families can also learn how to make their own Christmas presents and housing associations will be on hand to give benefit and debt advice that is also supported by the Keighley Town Mayor.

Financial Inclusion Officer at Bradford District Credit union, says Buy Nowt Day aims to encourage people to save their money rather than spend it on things they didn’t need. Ian said: “People feel disenfranchised if they are seeing all of these discounts and they can’t partake, so we are offering the chance to come down and make Christmas cards, do other crafts and listen to music, as well as get debt advice.”

Ian stresses the event is not anti-business but believes people need to think before they spend. Ian added: "We are not anti-people taking advantage of the discounts on Black Friday. We are just saying: do a budget beforehand. Work out what money you’ve got between now and Christmas. If you’ve got disposable income and you want to take advantage of Black Friday, great. If you don’t have that money available, don’t spend it.

"I've always made clear we're not anti-business and we're not against people making use of the deals but for some people, this will force them to have to go to high-cost lenders and loan sharks.

“Our message is to keep your money in your pocket until you need it, rather than spend it early. Don’t spend your money too early and always budget before you spend.

Talking about the 'Buy Nowt' success in previous years, Ian said: "Past participants have said how much they appreciated attending. Some people feel generally isolated knowing they can't spend on Black Friday so the opportunity with our event is helping people feel good about themselves. This is a unique project that has been funded this year by ‘Give Bradford’ and has not been done anywhere else in the country.”

Source – Bradford Telegraph & Argus