Collaboration is key for British and Georgian credit union sectors

By Patrick Thorpe posted 04-10-2019 16:04:39


Nine credit union leaders from Georgia Credit Union Affiliates (GCUA) travelled to Britain as part of ABCUL's formal World Council International Partnership with GCUA which was launched in 2016.

 “As always, it was a great pleasure to welcome our friends and colleagues from the credit union system in Georgia, USA to Oxford for our latest exchange visit,” says ABCUL Chief Executive, Robert Kelly.

The delegation spent the weekend in Oxford, which was a great opportunity to spend time with their British credit union partners as they discussed in detail comparisons between each other’s sectors, trade bodies, challenges and opportunities moving forward.

Robert added:  “This was a fantastic chance for the established credit union partnerships to spend time with each other and to continue on the learning journey which has made such a positive difference in so many ways.

“It was also a chance for both newly-established partnerships and those that have been established for a while to continue to build the personal relationships which drive the value that both sides derive from this ongoing learning and knowledge exchange. I know that our members were also very much looking forward to welcoming their partners to their local areas and branches up and down the country as part of the visit and to continue to build synergies and relationships.”

Robert took time to present ABCUL’s Town Hall consultation to the US delegation. The consultation addresses the big questions and active themes facing the sector, today. Robert outlined how creating a shared vision for 2025 and beyond is critical to the British sector’s on-going success.

Robert said: "ABCUL's Town Hall vision and consultation has been a key priority for me and ABCUL staff during my first year as Chief Executive of the Association. It was great to share this content with our American counterparts this week. The challenges and solutions explored in the consultation are similar to what credit unions across the pond deal with on a day-to-day basis.

"Collaboration is a key theme to the consultation and is vital to our important partnership with GCUA, which is now three years old. It has been fantastic for our respective trade associations and participating members to grow and learn together."

There are now 112 credit unions in Georgia, with over 2 million members which is a total of 20% of the population and over $19 billion in savings and almost $23 billion in assets.