Commsave Staff praised for its ‘tremendous’ service to members

By Patrick Thorpe posted 09-08-2019 14:18:00


All staff, directors and audit & risk independent members were invited to participate in Commsave Credit Union’s, fifth annual business planning & teamwork weekend.

Welcoming all participants to the weekend, Chairman Kundai Kafamba reminded staff and directors of the strategy, mission and values of Commsave. The weekend is a valuable opportunity for Commsave staff to put forward their ideas and suggestions to be considered for the credit union’s business plan. Kundai Kafamba said: “Our board sets the strategic direction of the credit union and our staff has day-to-day contact with members so it’s very important that we listen to the insights our staff have gained.”

Commsave continues to grow under Chief Executive, Amanda Ivey’s leadership, who gave an update on performance against the credit union’s current business plan. This included a recent member survey which showed 97% of members were either satisfied or very satisfied with services.

Amanda, who is immensely proud of the positive survey results, told staff it demonstrates the dedicated invaluable service they provide to members, “This is a tremendous endorsement from our members and thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to serve our members,” said Amanda.

Commsave now serves over 24,000 members, with a total of £54 million in savings and has built a current outstanding loan book of £46 million in its 28-year history.

The organiser of the weekend, Richard Munro, Executive Director at Commsave said: “Each year we try to plan a different kind of event. The feedback from participants has been very positive and our objectives of making sure everyone understands our strategy and has the opportunity to input into our business plan have been met. If we can have some fun along the way too, so much the better!”