Wyvern Savings & Loans celebrates 20 year landmark

By Patrick Thorpe posted 28-06-2019 14:50:28


In a landmark year where Wyvern Savings & Loans celebrates its 20th anniversary, the credit union is celebrating a significant milestone of lending more than £5m to its community.

Wyvern Savings & Loans will celebrate its landmark anniversary with an event for members at the Town Hall in Dorchester. It will be opened by Dorchester Mayor Richard Biggs, who himself is a member of the credit union.

Reflecting on 20 years of service to its community, Treasurer of Wyvern Savings & Loans, Tim Topper said: “Both Rosemary Britten (President of Wyvern Savings & Loans) and I are delighted at the achievement of 20 years of service to the community, initially very localised and over time expanding to where we are now.

“We are immensely grateful to our staff and our many volunteers who between them support the operation cross the county and into Somerset and, of course, to our members for whom the credit union exists.”

During its 20-year history, the Dorchester-based organisation, which helps people in Dorset and Somerset, has made more than 7,600 individual loans to members.

Dave Martin, Marketing Director of Wyvern Savings & Loans, said: “We have helped countless people to develop a savings habit. A recent survey by the Yorkshire Building Society found that 15 people in every 100 had no savings at all whilst 26 people in every 1000 said that they would fall into debt within weeks if they suffered an income shock such as the loss of their job. This is a problem we are working hard to counter.”

A total of 3,500 active members currently take advantage of the products and services that are provided by visiting one of 15 Wyvern branches, or by using telephone and online banking facilities.