ABCUL and Georgia Credit Union Affiliates partnership strong as ever

By Patrick Thorpe posted 29 days ago


This week, ABCUL Chief Executive, Robert Kelly attended the annual Georgia Credit Union Affiliates Conference. Robert spent time with credit unions from across the state of Georgia learning from their experiences of co-operation, innovation and change to meet members’ expectations.

Since establishing a formal World Council International Partnership with GCUA in 2016, ABCUL and its members have seen tremendous benefits as they've formed direct partnerships with colleagues in Georgia. Robert believes that a key area of importance for the partnership is "through the insights, ideas and experiences shared at conferences and events, which all our members will gain from."

Opening proceedings at this week's conference was GCUA's President and CEO, Mike Mercer who previously addressed the 2016 ABCUL Annual Conference when the partnership between GCUA & ABCUL was first established.

Mike delivered an inspirational keynote address in 2016, he urged delegates to “be vital” to their members’ lives. Mike acknowledged that “our business model is rooted in England with the Rochdale cooperatives. We welcome the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our counterparts in Great Britain.”

Reflecting this week in Georgia, Robert Kelly said: “It was my pleasure to attend this year’s GCUA Convention as ABCUL CEO in Jekyll Island. I have learned so much from counterparts in Georgia, particularly around the challenges we share, how they are introducing new products to the wider sector, and also their desire to support transformational change to credit unions of all sizes.

“It was also really insightful to hear about GCUA’s proposed merger plans with the League of South-eastern Credit Unions currently serving the states of Florida and Alabama. GCUA believe this idea will improve their relevance to members and improve the service range and that represents true leadership and innovation.

“Speakers at this year’s conference and delegates that I networked with were willing to share their journey and experience in a true sense of co-operation. I look forward to more shared learning and exchanges of ideas in the years to come.

“Our important partnership with GCUA, which is now three years old, has been a fantastic opportunity for our trade association and our members to learn, share and grow through collaboration with colleagues in Georgia. I look forward to continuing to build the relationship in the future.”

There are now 112 credit unions in Georgia, with over 2 million members which is a total of 20% of the population and over $19 billion in savings and almost $23 billion in assets.