‘Credit Experts’ news film promotes the UK credit union sector

By Patrick Thorpe posted 18-04-2019 11:56:23


ABCUL has partnered with the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) and ITN Productions to produce  a news-style programme highlighting the important role of the credit union sector within the UK economy.

Presented by newsreader, Natasha Kaplinsky, Credit Experts explores the vital role credit management plays in keeping businesses in business, and showcases the latest innovative technologies and best practices facilitating effective customer outcomes, highlighting industry-leading knowledge and guidance that is vital for sustaining and growing a successful business landscape.

As the video highlights, when it comes to making services more accessible, technology is the key for credit unions as the sector to fit into the modern consumer’s lifestyle. The UK credit union sector stands at a total membership of 2m members which is around 3% of the population, with more than £2.75 billion in savings and £1.5 billion worth of lending.

Credit Experts features ABCUL member London Mutual Credit Union who have recently launched a full current account service with mobile app which delivers a full online banking experience.

Offering advice on ethical savings and responsible lending is a day to day role for credit union employees and at the heart of what the credit union does. This is explored in Credit Experts as Deputy Branch Manager, Lisa Walder, describes how members often do not know the services a credit union can provide and explains that the credit union makes efforts to advise members what account is best for them.

In the video, ABCUL CEO, Robert Kelly explains how credit unions must adapt their excellent services for a digital age. Robert says: “We describe it as a credit union relevant for the future and relevant for the modern age. Consumers have changed behaviors. We understand how they want to access financial services and we understand that it has to appeal to a younger demographic as well.

“So we’re very focused on trying to build those strategies with the credit unions that allow them to be seen as a real alternative”.

You can view the Credit Experts video which features ABCUL and London Mutual Credit Union, on the ABCUL YouTube channel here.