My first 100 days

By Natalie McQuade posted 21-06-2020 16:36:36


It’s just over three months since I started my new role at ABCUL. Starting on busiest week of the ABCUL calendar……..the week before conference and AGM weekend. I knew that week would be a steep learning curve and an “all hands on deck” scenario, but I like to be thrown in the deep end. Little did I know that week would be my last time in the ABCUL office to date.

It was great to be able to meet so many of our members at conference and to learn about different credit unions from all across the UK and across the world. The launch of our Vision 2025 and the announcement of the Credit Unions Act 1979 reform was an exciting moment and has shaped and will continue to shape the work we are doing to enable credit unions to provide a wider range of affordable services to members. Having met with HM Treasury the Monday after conference to have initial discussions on what our members see as a priority for the reform the UK then entered into lockdown with all the challenges it would bring.

The Coronavirus pandemic has shaped my recent work priorities and has been a fast paced and ever changing environment. Being involved in our continued lobbying efforts to HM Treasury, engaging with DWP on the temporary suspension of ELDS and how we can possibly improve the process going forward, to joining the virtual forums and all member meetings to hear how credit unions are managing the impact of Covid-19. It has been great to see credit unions adapt and innovate to ensure they can still continue to serve members, to try and help this process we created the Suppliers Guide, with its extensive updates. I have also been developing the basis for a paid for compliance services to help reduce regulatory burdens for members. Being in lockdown has given me a different induction experience that I would never have imagined but all the team at ABCUL and our members have helped me to find my feet and been made to feel very welcome.

I look forward to the day where I can make the journey to the ABCUL office, forum meetings and visit member credit unions.

Natalie McQuade
Head of Policy & Compliance, ABCUL


08-07-2020 11:54:22

Thanks for your update and reflection on your first 100 days, Natalie.
So many fantastic opportunities await us!

30-06-2020 15:40:53

Hi Natalie, great to hear you are as energized as ever in your new role. It is indeed a strange new world we have entered providing amazing opportunities for development within all those challenges.
Stay safe and well