Six ABCUL forums benefit from Good Governance training

By Daniel Arrowsmith posted 19-07-2019 14:40:43

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Last weekend, the ABCUL Cymru, South West & West Midlands Forum came together in Bristol, for a special training event to share and learn more about ‘Good Governance’.

The training has been part of a series of events that have taken place within ABCUL forums across the country. To date, six forums involving 38 credit unions have shared their learning, experience and challenges of Governance among each other, facilitated by Nick Money from the Centre For Community Finance Europe. Nick has a wide experience of Governance in the co-operative sector and has advised credit unions on the topic for many years. 

Speaking about another successful ABCUL forum training day, Nick said: "The different regions always bring their own flavour to these learning events and a diverse range of credit union voices. In Bristol, we had memberships from less than one thousand to more than thirty thousand – yet still with a great deal in common and much to share with each other. The interaction was fantastic, as always."

The one-day sessions are a crash course for new credit union directors and a refresher for experienced ones in all the key components of governance, from roles and responsibilities to risk management to co-operative values. The integrated governance system that is presented comes from the Liverpool John Moores University report Credit Union Strategic Governance which was commissioned by Cornerstone Mutual Services and written by the founders of Centre For Community Finance Europe (CFCFE), published in 2017.

ABCUL’s Member Relationship Manager, Marcus Iles was present at the forums most recent training event and describes good governance as ‘vital’ for a credit union to be sustainable. Marcus added: “Last weekend was another engaging and important day of learning to better understand and implement, Good Governance, which is vital for a sustainable credit union to serve its Members and Community.

“Over the past few months, 38 credit unions from six ABCUL forums have benefited from this great opportunity to listen and share their experience led by a leader in the field of Governance, Nick Money.

“At ABCUL we’re determined to continuously improve our forums so members get real benefits from regular meetings and events. I’d like to thank Nick and all the credit union who’ve participated in each event and look forward to future member engagement throughout our forums.”