Membership Milestones for Serve and Protect CU

By cunews posted 22 days ago


In the month of October Serve and Protect CU welcomed over 1,000 new members – a milestone achievement for the credit union’s two-decade history. This membership boom follows Serve and Protect’s September celebrations marking 20 years of service.

“I am immensely proud of the progress we have and continue to make in a sustainable manner.” Said Peter Watson, founding member of the now-merged Merseyside Police Credit Union. Peter added “In particular, the help and support we offer to our members who perform some of the most challenging and necessary roles on behalf of the public.” 

“Serve and Protect grew out of the Police Credit Union, which represented and offered financial resilience to police officers. It was felt we could expand that to cover as many blue light and emergency services as possible, and that has been our goal since.” Said Serve and Protect CU Chair, Nigel Rabbitts. Nigel also said, “If we can assist them in giving them the best financial services possible, then that means that they can carry on defending us and looking after us without those financial worries.”

Recently, the credit union highlighted how it has been improving members financial stability. Last month, Serve and Protect CU consolidated almost £800k of members’ existing debt through debt consolidation loans. This has allowed members to save money on repayments and reduce financial stress, and the credit union helped one nurse from South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust to save £196 on their existing monthly loan repayments.

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