More Than a Number: Meet the 10,000th Member of 1st Class Credit Union

By cunews posted 05-09-2023 18:40:02


1st Class Credit Union recently celebrated reaching 10,000 members. To reflect its “people-centric” values, the credit union contacted its 10,000th member.

The credit union asked the member why he decided to join – he said: “I joined 1st Class Credit Union as I had recently gained a promotion and wanted to make savings as well as look at consolidating some debt”.

1st Class asked how the new member heard about the credit union’s services, he said: “I was standing in the lobby of my workplace waiting for a colleague and I noticed a poster on the notice board. I took a picture of it to look into when I got home and I’m really glad I did!”.

1st Class asked the new member whether they’ve been able to help him yet and if so, in what way. The member said that he has already been helped by the credit union as he had “applied for a consolidation loan to reduce [his] monthly outgoings. This has massively reduced [his] bills in a time of financial uncertainty”.

The new member is evidently pleased with the help offered by the credit union, explaining “the service has been amazing and feels tailored to you, the individual customer. I have dealt with Ross who has been brilliant throughout.”

Furthermore, the credit union has wowed the new member and he said he would 100% recommend 1st Class to colleagues because it has “helped lift so much pressure and [he’d] gladly recommend it to anyone”.

Source: 1st Class Credit Union