New Trading Name for St Albans

By cunews posted 17 days ago


The St Albans District Credit Union Board has decided to introduce a new trading name for the organisation. From 6 April 2021 the Credit Union will trade primarily under the name of St Albans Community Bank and all its documentation and future marketing will be based around this name. In agreeing to this change, the Board felt that a ‘Community Bank’ better reflected what the Credit Union currently does and should be more recognisable within the community as a provider of savings and loans.

“We are taking the opportunity of the name change to carry out a relaunch of the organisation, including a higher profile in the media, an updating of the website and social media platforms, and a greater emphasis on attracting more small loans,” says Chairman of St Albans Community Bank, Colin Metcalfe.

The operating model of the organisation will continue as it has done since 2002, run primarily by local volunteers for the benefit of its members. Members will see no difference in the way their accounts are administered.

Colin added: “For nearly 20 years, we believe the Credit Union has significantly benefited the local community and by making these changes, we hope it will remain relevant to both its members and to the wider area it serves.”

In addition, the Credit Union has been required to relocate its main office in St Albans due to a successful planning application. As from 6 April 2021 the Credit Union’s Registered Office will be 55 Catherine Street, St Albans, AL3 5BN.




12 days ago

Congratulations on your name change and best of luck for the future :-)