Credit unions in Wales celebrate Annual Awards

By cunews posted 06-11-2020 15:14:08



Credit Unions of Wales held its annual awards ceremony last month to recognise and celebrate the achievements of individuals and organisations across the country. 

Jane Hutt MS, Patron of Credit Unions of Wales said: “For the third year running the Credit Unions of Wales Awards have highlighted the many success stories of this global movement and I want to congratulate each of the winners for their dedication and commitment to the cause. 

“As financial cooperatives, credit unions have a major role to play in the economic health of Wales by offering easy access to ethical savings and affordable loans. 

“Once again, congratulations to the many businesses, organisations, members, volunteers and schools who have been recognised for their contribution to the success of credit unions across Wales.” 

One winner of the Awards, Meryl Cullen, Volunteer at Merthyr Tydfil Credit Union won the award for promoting ethical savings and loans in her local community after finding herself in a mountain of debt through taking on credit from high cost lenders. Meryl is considered the “lifeblood” of Merthyr Tydfil Borough Credit Union for singlehandedly running a collection point in Quakers Yard for the past 10 years. This is now the busiest collection point in the county and has attracted a whole community to benefit from the services of the Credit Union.  

Meryl said: “I used doorstep lenders many years ago and their interest rates were astronomical. I didn’t want people in my area also becoming victims because that type of borrowing destroys you.” 

“Credit unions are a much better and fairer option and we’ve seen our collection point in Quaker’s Yard grow and grow with every year. I am so delighted to be recognised in playing my part in that story.” 

Commenting on the awards, ABCUL CEO, Robert Kelly said: “The Awards showcase the ways in which Welsh credit unions are making a difference. With all of the nominees it is inspiring to see the impact of all the great work that is being delivered by our sector throughout Wales.” 

 All winners for this year’s awards can be found here