Ruksana Kauser - Calderdale Credit Union

Ruksana Kauser - Calderdale Credit Union

I am a Member Services Advisor at Calderdale Credit Union, and I have been working in the movement for 6 years. I was very lucky to be a part of the CU Futures programme on the first year. I then went on to represent young professionals as an Ambassador on the Credit Union Foundation Board.

In the last few years, I have been lucky to be involved with the Young Professional Network as a committee member, which opened the doors for a variety of different opportunities. One of the highlights for me is being a part of the Global Youth Summit in 2020.

Why did you first get involved in credit unions? 

I first got involved in Credit Unions back in 2016, when I wanted a job, and I have to be honest, I didn’t know what a Credit Union was, and since the first day of arriving at Calderdale Credit Union, it has been hard to even think about leaving.


Why did you choose to be part of the YPN Steering Committee? 

The steering committee came at a time when I was looking at being involved in something, but I didn’t know what. After completing the CU Futures programme, I felt the need to continue the momentum, and the message of being a Young Professional within the movement, and to show that we want to be more involved. The steering Committee was the best place to make my voice heard.

Why is the YPN important to you? 

The YPN is important to me because of the message I want to send to other Young Professionals. I want to be a voice, and to represent others, and lead the way to change. I find that talking to others with the same passion and vision has me, helps me to keep pushing to become a leader. On a personal note, the YPN is important to me because I know that I have a community of other young people I can talk to. It is such a comfortable and save space.

What have you gained from being a member of the YPN Steering Committee? 

I have gained so much personally and professionally. Professionally, I have been a part of the World Council of Credit Union's,  Global youth Summit, where I learnt so much about credit unions in the UK, USA and Brazil. I have gained knowledge and expertise in the field, that I am sure I wouldn’t have if I was not involved with YPN. Personally, I have gained the confidence to speak in a room full of people without my legs turning to jelly. Last year was the first time I presented something in front of anyone, and for someone like me who hadn’t stood in front of a room and spoke, ever, was a huge accomplishment.

Last but not least, friends. I have made lifelong friends, and more friends

What advice would you give to people considering wanting to get involved in the YPN? 

I will keep this short. Just do it!!