Luke McGilvray - 1st Class Credit Union

Luke McGilvray - 1st Class Credit Union

My name is Luke McGilvray, and I am the Marketing and Digital Communications office for 1st Class Credit Union. I began my role with 1st Class over 5 years ago, starting as an apprentice to now planning and executing marketing campaigns, developing our communication strategies and much more. In the 5 years I have worked within the sector I have had many amazing experiences and highlights.

To name a few, I participated and graduated from the CU Futures program in March of 2018, I spent 8 days with our American credit union partner Georgia’s Own Credit Union in August of the same year learning about the differences and similarities of our credit unions, when the Global Youth Summit was held in London at the start of the year I was lucky enough to attend on behalf of the UK sector, and one of my greatest achievements was being involved in the set up and progress of the Young Professionals Network. Our network has grown so much since its launch and I cannot wait to see how much more of a positive impact we can have on the sector in the future.

Why did you first get involved in credit unions?

Before joining 1st Class Credit Union, I was aware of credit unions due to my family’s involvement but not work they did or how they operated. Originally my position was to assist with administration tasks throughout the summer and then to leave once those had been completed, however I found myself fascinated with credit unions and fell in love with the sector.

Why did you choose to be part of the YPN Steering Committee?

After graduating from CU Futures, I had an energy to develop myself and others within the sector, although it was not clear how I could do that. After finding there were several like-minded people within the sector who shared the same goal as myself, we decided to create the Young Professionals Network. I choose to be part of the steering committee to help progress the development of not only myself but also the young professionals within the sector.

Why is the YPN important to you?

There are several reasons why YPN is important to me, one of which being the focus the network places on developing the young professionals of the sector to grow the sector and better their credit unions. Another reason is the ongoing collaboration and networking opportunities the members of the network have, our face to face and virtual events are a great way for employees within the sector to meet each other, build relationships and help each other.

What have you gained from being a member of the YPN Steering Committee?

Personally, I have gained a huge amount of confidence from being a member of the YPN Steering Committee. From contributing during our monthly meetings, engaging with American and Brazilian delegates at the Global Youth Summit, planning our annual events and presenting to the ABCUL board I have developed hugely from my involvement with the YPN. I have also gained several friendships from the network and the steering committee.

What advice would you give to people considering wanting to get involved in the YPN?

Do it! By joining the network, you will grow relationships within the sector, engage with some amazing people, develop your personal and professional skills, help the strengthen the sector, be eligible to apply for fantastic opportunities and have fun. If that sounds like something you would like to do, join today.