Vision 2025

Vision 2025 - A vision & strategy for British credit unions to 2025 and beyond



ABCUL spent most of 2019 consulting with the credit union sector to develop a shared vision for the future of British credit unions built on a shared understanding of the challenges it faces and the strengths that already exist within our movement.

Vision 2025 is the output of the consultation – a shared vision, strategy and roadmap that will support the sector to develop into fulfil its mission to be a key provide of affordable and ethical financial services to the people of Great Britain.

ABCUL’s Chief Executive officially launched Vision 2025 at the ABCUL Annual Conference in March 2020 and the work on achieving it has already begun.

There is a short summary below of the Vision 2025 for the sector and ABCUL and you can also download the full document. We will also be using this page to update on the work of credit unions and ABCUL towards achieving it.

Our Vision 2025 for Credit Unions

Credit unions are digital-first providers of a range of savings, lending and payment products and have achieved significant scale through strategic merger activity and collaboration to deliver cost-savings and deliver new products and services.

Credit unions of all sizes are thriving in an environment of supportive legislation and proportionate regulation.

Credit unions are collaborating extensively through informal networks and Credit Union Service Organisations (CUSOs) which are owned and led by credit unions.

Credit unions are led by outstanding leaders with a strong commitment and to the sector’s history and values.

Credit unions serve a wide section of the population but are concentrated on serving groups which are excluded from or underserved by mainstream financial services.

Credit unions demonstrate clear and evidence social value and focus on building the financial resilience of the communities they serve.

You can download the full Vision 2025 document at the bottom of the page.


Our Vision 2025 for ABCUL

ABCUL is the leading advocacy organisation for credit unions in England, Scotland and Wales representing the sector to all relevant organisations.

ABCUL is the largest trade association for credit unions in Britain and provides a core membership proposition that provides excellent value alongside additional paid-for services developed in close collaboration with its members.

ABCUL continues to build on its strong track record of attracting investment into the sector and catalysing growth.

ABCUL provides education and development opportunities for credit union leaders in close collaboration with the Credit Union Foundation.

ABCUL enhances its existing services in facilitating networks of credit unions, providing high quality information services and leading key conversations across the sector.