ABCUL Board Profile - Julie Reddin

Julie Reddin - Director for the Scotland

Why did you first get involved in credit unions?

I joined and volunteered in the credit union on the same night. I have always worked in the

voluntary sector and I liked the ethos of the credit union. I was also impressed with the

positive impact credit unions have within our community. Though did think it was one

of the best kept secrets in our community and have strived to change that.


Why did you choose to stand for election to the ABCUL Board?

After 20 years in the sector I felt I could benefit from the challenge of being an ABCUL

Director. I wanted to be part of the process that works towards positive change and

development in our sector.


What do you hope to gain from being a member of the ABCUL Board?

I hope to gain extensive knowledge from the other Directors and ABCUL staff. To be part

of a team that listens and reacts to their membership to enable positive change in the sector.

To obtain personal growth and development of knowledge of the Governance of ABCUL.


What do you hope to contribute to the ABCUL Board?

I have 20 years of experience in working in the Community CU area. Not just with my own

credit union but also helping other credit unions. I have an innate sense of injustice and believe

whole heartedly that one person cannot always be right. I think all work best when we come

together and work together as a team.


What advice would you give to people considering standing for the ABCUL Board?

Always challenge yourself in order to the best you possibly can for the credit union sector.

Being an ABCUL Director is doing that.