ABCUL Board Profile - David Anderson

David Anderson - Director for East of England

The 2008 financial crisis and the consequent loss of trust in the investor-driven and banking markets introduced me to ethical, values-driven credit unions.

I have been involved with credit unions for 14 years.  During this time I have been Chair of Holdfast Credit Union involved in its day to day running and a Director of Harlowsave Credit Union where I played an active role in its merger with Plane Saver Credit Union. After some years of working with Norwich Credit Union I joined its Board in 2022.

I have been Chair and continue to be Treasurer of the East of England ABCUL Forum where I have run lectures on GDPR, internet security and workplace IT security practice. From here the next step was to join the board of ABCUL, in 2022. 

Since being on the ABCUL board I have expanded my knowledge of credit unions internationally through the introduction to WOCCU.  Using my own viewpoints, I have contributed to ABCUL’s view of Forums and clarified the wording of policy documents.

My advice to anybody thinking of joining the board would be to attend and take part in ABCUL forums. This will give them an insight to other credit unions, their running and their challenges. All have their similarities and differences, and this provides a good real world overview of the credit union industry.