ABCUL Board Profile - Darren Bailey

Darren Bailey - Director and Vice Chair for Scotland

I started working in Credit Unions in 2006 when I was looking to do some volunteering at the weekends, and the position at East Kilbride Credit Union became available and close to where I was living.

I was not aware of what a Credit Union was, or how it operated, but I welcomed by the staff and volunteers and I have never looked back. I spent 5 years with them before I moved to Lanark, and finally to Dumbarton.It was one of the first things that I did when I relocated, and contacted the local Credit Union to volunteer with them. I was elected to the board after 1 year and still volunteer most weekends.
The office manager pointed out that ABCUL were looking for someone to represent Scotland on the board, and I thought it would be fantastic to be a part of the decision making, development and support for Credit Unions throughout the UK. I like a challenge and it also helps me to understand all the work that ABCUL itself is involved in, and how it functions with regards to training and development. This has helped me to understand how the needs of other Credit Unions can vary so differently from one region to another, or from smaller Credit Unions to much larger ones that may in fact have the same problem and difficulties.

I attend the Board Meetings and some of the presentations to not only learn, but to take part in the discussions that effect the membership, and how ABCUL can support them and help them move forward. It is an amazing opportunity and I would recommend joining the Board to anyone who would like to be part of the movement and how it can help and support others