ABCUL Board Profile - Julia Daniel

Julia Daniel- Director for the London & South East

Why did you first get involved in credit unions?

Like many in the sector, I got involved as a volunteer initially, in my case through a family connection, (my father was one of the founders of North London Credit Union and a Forum officer for many years).

Why did you choose to stand for election to the ABCUL Board?

I was encouraged to stand for election by a former ABCUL director. I felt it was important that there was a female nominee for our region, where women make up the majority of credit union membership for most community credit unions.

What have you gained from being a member of the ABCUL Board?

Even as a relatively new director, I feel supported and valued, and it has been a real privilege to represent my region and to help shape the work of the Association, and through them, the sector.

On a personal level, I have gained so much already from working alongside the other ABCUL directors, regional forum members and ABCUL staff.

What have you been able to contribute to the ABCUL Board?

I think I am open-minded and good at seeing different points of view. I can see the opportunities and challenges for the sector and translate them into operational impact while being aware of the bigger picture.

My background is in people management, training and development within the retail sector and this has translated well to the co-operative movement.

I have a particular interest in financial education and resilience.

What advice would you give to people considering standing for the ABCUL Board?

If you have a genuine willingness to work collaboratively and democratically, you should definitely consider it!  

Existing directors are always happy to speak in confidence and can give you a better idea of what’s involved. 

I’d also strongly encourage people to think about whether they have skills and time that they can contribute to support the running of their local forums.