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Northumberland Community Bank gets the county talking about money


04 Jan 19

Northumberland Community Bank (NCB) recently hosted its showcase event to get local communities speaking about Money.

Local residents and key stakeholders heard from a range of speakers to learn how the Community Bank supports its community and improves financial well-being within the county. The event was supported by Northumberland County Council.

The event aimed to get more people talking about money and to help raise awareness of the services available for the county of Northumberland. Speaking at the event, Guy Opperman said: "As a co-founder, I am delighted to support the great work of the Northumberland Community Bank, both in my constituency and across the county.

“Today’s event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase what a success story it has been. Since its foundation in 2015, the bank has grown exponentially in size, and has an array of services on offer – from payroll for businesses to online banking and loans”.

Chief Executive at NCB, Lauren Langton stressed the importance of the community bank for those trapped in a cycle of payday lenders, Lauren said: "We all have an important part to play in helping improve people's money management skills and financial wellbeing. At the Community Bank, we deal with people every week who feel trapped in a high-interest loan or credit card.

“We want to prevent people getting into this situation and are here to provide lower interest loans and a safe home for savings”.

Delegates also heard from Councillor Nick Oliver, Cabinet Member for Corporate services at Northumberland County Council who believes, “Northumberland Community Bank is a great example of how we, as a council, are committed to supporting organisations that bring huge benefits to people living within the County. It offers a range of vital services that I’d encourage everyone to find out more about”.

Abi Conway, Chief Executive from Citizens Advice Northumberland added: "We see people day in, day out that enter into inappropriate arrangements that they simply can't afford. So it's really important we work together to tackle and alleviate these hardship issues.

"We're delighted to be working in partnership with the Northumberland Community Bank to promote responsible lending to support everyone in the county.”

You can view a highlight video of the event on YouTube here.


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